Dessert Menu

Sobremesa / Dessert

Pastel de Nata
Traditional Portuguêse custard cakes, puff pastry & lemon-cinnamon custard with vanilla ice-cream

Mousse de Chocolate
Chocolate Mousse Cake

Linda's Tiramisu
Ladyfringers dipped in espresso, layered with a whipped mixture of eggs, sugar and Mascarpone cheese flavoured with Disaronno Liqueur finish with cocoa & cinnamon.

Bolo de Chocolate com Gelado de Vanila
Dark Chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream

Bolo de Limão com Limoncello
Limoncello cake with mascarpone cheese ( Italian Cream Cheese)

Peras Bêbedas
Poached Golden-Pear in a Port wine and cinnamon, served with ice cream  

Pudim de Leite
Portuguêse caramel custard

Torta de Crème Brûlèe com Queijo-Philadelphia
Crème Brûlèe Cheesecake

Sorvete de Frutas
Assortment of Fresh Sorbet


Please ask about our dessert Port wine selection!

 Tavira/Dessert menu selections subjet to change without notice.

*We do not offer separate or split checks, but we are happy to split payments* 

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